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Tattoo Aftercare

       Your Tattoo will be covered with Sani-Derm upon completion, your artist will give you specific instructions concerning how long to leave the tattoo covered. After you remove the Sani-Derm, gently wash using plain (dye/perfume free) soap, water, and the palm of your hand.

        DO NOT soak your tattoo, or use anything abrasive (towel) to dry your tattoo. Never touch your tattoo with anything unclean, especially hands! Never scratch, pick, or touch your tattoo unless washing or applying lotion.

        Without touching the tattoo, gently pat dry the area surrounding your tattoo using a soft, clean towel. Allow the tattoo to breathe for roughly 5 minutes after washing.

        Next apply a very small amount of lotion to moisten the tattoo while it heals. Acceptable lotions are Tattoo Goo, , Aquaphor, or any unscented, plain lotion with low alcohol content (found on the back of the bottle). Always remember to never share your lotion with anyone else, and always have clean hands before touching the tattoo.

        Avoid greasy products as they are not hypoallergenic and won’t allow your tattoo to breathe (A&D and Vaseline). If your tattoo ever “leaks” after applying ointment, gently pat dry with a soft clean towel.

         A routine of gently washing and applying lotion 2-3 times daily should be maintained for the first week. Optimal times are upon waking up, mid-day, and before going to bed. If your tattoo comes into contact with anything dirty wash it as soon as possible. Remember your new tattoo is an open wound and needs to be treated accordingly.

        As your tattoo heals into the 2nd and 3rd day, you will begin to feel it become dry and itchy. As this occurs apply lotion to ensure that the skin remains supple and healthy. Do not pick or disturb any flakiness that follows!

        DO NOT wear tight clothing over your tattoo while healing. No swimming or soaking the tattoo. No open bodies of water or public pools. No baths, only showers. Avoid shower water pounding on the tattoo, gentle streams only over your fresh tattoo. No weightlifting, working out, or extraneous pulling or stretching while healing. No tanning, and avoid sun exposure to your tattoo while healing as it will fade your tattoo unnecessarily.

        Visually the tattoo looks healed after 1-2 weeks, but remember it can take up to 6 months to heal completely. Keeping your skin moistened with lotion and protected from the sun by using high SPF sunblock is imperative to the life of your tattoo, and will keep it fresher for longer. Protect your tattoo.

        Remember this is only advice given to those we’ve tattooed. We are not doctors, and are only recommending the most effective methods we’ve seen in our years of tattooing. Any irregularity past normal swelling and irritation should be met by professional medical advice from your doctor.

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