The Inkwell

Tattoo Company:








  • Locally owned and operated Tattoo studio in Painesville, Ohio.

  • Established in 2012.

  • Our artists craft personalized and meticulously rendered artwork to your skin.

  • We work with your vision to create something unique that you will proudly wear forever.

  • Professional, clean, and in substantial compliance with the Lake County Board of Health, your health and safety are our highest priority.

  • All disposable single use equipment, and aftercare products made specifically for tattoos.

  • Certified in Bloodborne Pathogens, Cross-contamination, First Aid and CPR.

  • All our booths are private, and feature the highest quality equipment.  

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the artists

I have been a tattoo artist since 2003, and fortune has favored me to find a craft that I love so much. I enjoy working with traditional and neo-traditional styles of tattooing in both color or black and grey. Smooth clean line work is also a foundation of my tattooing. My passion for creating art stems from the time I could first hold a pencil, and I have spent my life perfecting my abilities. As a well rounded artist I love taking on challenges in a variety of styles. 

I have been tattooing for 

6 years now, I enjoy black and gray tattooing as well as line based tattooing/artwork. I also enjoy traditional tattooing and I work in many different styles to accommodate my clients. When I am not tattooing I enjoy working with paint and india ink.

I have been an artist all my life and enjoy translating the skills I have gained as an artist to the art of tattooing.

Stop in the shop to check out my work!

Consultations can be made by contacting the artist of your choice via the email found on their individual gallery, or by calling the studio directly.

I graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a bachelors in Biomedical Art. After finishing my degree, I decided to follow my true passion by adapting my art skills to tattooing. I have been involved in tattooing for 4years now and I love every second of it. My personal work is inspired by natural life and neo-traditional tattooing. I love creating illustrations of plants and animals and translating them into tattoos.

Catherine Terlop

Ashley KleiN

Joel Ozinga